Hi! My name is Pericles and I’m a recovering map and photo geek… wait, there’s no recovery here–I’m a full-fledged map and photo geek. It’s just I haven’t posted much on the interwebs in a while.

This is probably my 4th or 5th attempt at having a personal website–a blog and photo/map gallery. The first attempt ended when I left my work at the University of Minnesota. The second one was perhaps the longest running and most productive iteration but it ended when I went to the Philippines and Minnesota got hit by a big storm. The server and my backup drive (which I had left connected to the server) got fried and I didn’t feel it’s worth doing any sort of recovery. Same thing happened on my last attempt. You really shouldn’t run your server on an and converted desktop machine.

For this version of my website, I decided to try out Amazon’s Web Services. It’s supposed to be free for personal and low bandwidth sites but I don’t think that will last forever. So, until something changes, this one should be good to go for a while.

My posts will mostly be about photography–photos, techniques, and technology–and remote sensing/GIS. I’m not a programmer but I will occasionally post programming tips for geospatial analysis/processing. So, come and visit once in a while and you might find some useful info in this website.